Turns out the job interview I went to was for selling electricity over the telephone, got the job and start tomorrow.  Thursday will be training, Friday will be observing then I’ll be on the telephones on Monday.  I’ve a wee feeling it’s going to be totally boring and I might just hate it - but for $17 an hour plus commission I’m not going to complain for now. 

MELBOURNE CUP 2011.  just incredible.  I’m not a horse lover or a betting lover or a “let’s get dressed up and wear posh shoes” lover but I thought considering Melbourne cup is the biggest sporting event in Australia, the Victoria state declares the day as a public holiday and the event attracts over 100,000 - i should probably go. 

Up nice and early at 8am, myself and Ellie downed some tea, a slice of cheese on toast and headed for the train via the bottle shop.  On the train we decanted vodka in water bottles; classy, and managed to slide through security without being checked which we later discovered was pretty lucky. 

The atmosphere was incredible, the weather wasn’t amazing but nice enough without a jacket and no rain appeared until a slight shower at 4pm.  Had my first drink at 11:30am and from then it just continued.  It was lovely that I kept bumping into people I knew from Melbourne, i.e. people i knew from the hostel, work and various other places; it was comforting to feel like i was beginning to expand networks in Melbourne. 

I went to place my first bet and initially wanted to choose number 7 but he had crashed so i tried the last horse number 20 because he was called Guiseppe, but he’s also crashed so I went for horse number 14 because she was called Sophie and she was wearing Orange and you never guess what… she won!!! I placed a $2.50 bet each way and I won $87 !!!!!!!!!!!! incredible.  Placed two more bets neither of which won but I was delighted with my beginners luck. 

Highlight of the day was The Melbourne Cup race.  Before the race everyone stood up and sang the national anthem and the race was finalized with a photo finish. 

After the racing had finished we headed into town to the Rooftop Bar on Swanston Street meeting some lovely Australian guys on the way, one of whom offered to pay for my $1  coffee (in attempt to perk/sober me up a bit - at 5pm!!)  Femenism to the core - i declined. HA HA!  After Rooftop we headed to Richmond for drinks where we realised all we’d eaten the whole day was the cheese on toast for Breakfast and a few crisps at the races so I had my first ‘Pieface’ experience - glorified Aussie Greggs, Peppercorn Steak pie, amazing!! The night continued until 3am at Cushion in St. Kilda. 

Beautiful beautiful day.